E-mails from Rick


Sent: Tue 2/2/99
Subj: Larry's heart surgery

Hello. I'm sure I am a stranger to just about all of you, but I am Larry Pitt's neighbor. As you know, today Larry went in for his heart surgery.

Tonight when I got home I found a message on our answering machine from Laura, Larry's wife. At the time she called he had been in surgery for about 10.5 hours, and she was sounding *really* weary. She said that the doctors had run into some unexpected problems but that now they were starting to finish up.


I think we should remember Laura in our prayers as well. Although Larry is the one having the work done, he is under anesthesia and so won't remember any of this. Laura, on the other hand, has watched the difficult seconds turn to interminable minutes and then into unbearable hours.

Please take a minute to remember Larry, Laura, and the doctors in this hour of need.

Rick, Larry's neighbor

Sent: Wed 2/3/99 9:10 AM
Subject: *****UPDATE to Larry's heart surgery*******

Hello all!

First, let me say that I am overwhelmed by everyone's response. Larry has a lot of friends, and I will see that he hears about all of you when he gets better. But for now we need to keep him foremost in our prayers.

Some of you who may already know this, but since I don't know who *you* are I'll just tell what I know so the rest find out.

Apparently Larry got finished with the initial surgery around 7:00 PM last night, but was having some problems. The doctors decided that he was bleeding internally, so it was off to the operating room (again) to find the "bleeder". This was successful, the bleeding was stopped, and by 10:30 PM he was back in the Intensive Care Unit and resting. This information was forwarded to me by Jackie Carrigan. (Thanks for calling, Jackie, we were hoping to hear something.)

Laura, accompanied by some friends, spent the night at the hospital. She is still there this morning. Larry is holding his own, but the doctors are watching several things very closely and are still very concerned. This information was provided by Lucy Harrison, another friend of Larry and Laura's. (Thanks, Lucy - I don't know if you are on this list or not, but if not perhaps someone who is could thank you for me.)

This is a very trying time for Larry as well as for Laura. I don't know how many of you have ever spent much time in the hospital with a loved one, but it is the hardest time you can ever spend. Please keep Larry and Laura both in your thoughts and prayers today, as I know they need every bit of help and reinforcement that they can muster.

The Bible tells us that where two or more are gathered together, the Spirit of the Lord is there also. I would therefore propose that we all set aside a few moments today at 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern Time to specifically pray for Larry and Laura. Although we cannot all be together physically, we can be together spiritually and I am sure that God will honor that gathering. Until then, I would ask that you offer your prayers as soon as you get this message.

I will keep everyone posted as events unfold.


Sent: Wed 2/3/99 7:41 PM
Subject: ******UPDATE on Larry for 2/3/99 evening**********

Hello gang!

I have some good news to report. I have it from Jackie Carrigan that as of early this afternoon Larry's blood pressure is stabilizing and his kidney is functioning. This is good news, as *I* was pretty concerned about his kidney. At the time of the message from Jackie, Larry was still asleep from the operation. As I understand it, this isn't unusual for someone who has been through that much surgery. Thanks again for the information, Jackie.

Then just a few minutes ago I got another report from Sandra Hall (becton_hall@yahoo.com), Larry's cousin, via E-mail. Sandra reports that the doctors are keeping Larry sedated because when he comes to he starts moving around and pulling out the tubes. He is still experiencing some bleeding, but that was expected given the magnitude of the surgery. However, Laura is free to go in and visit whenever she wants. He is reading to him from the Bible, praying with him, and singing to him. (I hope she sings better than *I* do - if that was MY job the staff would probably sedate ME! - LOL!!!) Sandra urges us to continue to remember both of them in prayer. Thanks for the update, Sandra - the suspense was killing me!

In case anyone is wondering, I haven't been down to see Laura myself because I am still recovering from a nasty cold/flu I had recently. On Monday I started getting symptoms of it returning, so I have decided that I will content myself to handle the E-mail communications and keep my germs to myself. Larry had some of the same symptoms late last week, but the doctors gave him some antibiotics that (according to Larry) were guaranteed to kill dirt.

The more astute among you may notice that Boogr@elkhart.net has been removed from the address list for this message. That is because the last two messages sent with his address on it were returned to me by the E-mail server. If anyone knows Boogr, please let him know what is going on via land-line.

I want to thank you all for your interest and support of Larry and Laura in their time of need. They appreciate it more than you will ever know. The response to these messages has been remarkable and overwhelming, and demonstrates how greatly Larry is loved by you all.

Significant progress has been made, but there is much to go yet. I can only urge you to keep supporting Larry and Laura with your thoughts and prayers. I know they are being put to good use.


Thu 2/4/99 8:10 AM
Subject: ********Larry update for 2/4/99 MORNING**********

Hello all. I just got off the phone with Laura, and things are looking so good just now. In fact, she informed me that the doctors told her the situation has turned "desperate" - her words, not mine.

Larry is not awakening like they would like to see. He has developed pancreatitis, or an inflammation of his pancreas. He is also developing a fluid buildup in his tissues, which is further complicated by his kidney not responding as it should.

This fluid buildup is hampering his heart function, and the doctors are considering putting him on a 24-hour dialysis. However, because of the strain this creates on his heart they have been reluctant to do so. However they believe that they may have no choice because his blood potassium level is getting way too high, and if that gets too far out of whack his heart could stop altogether.

As I said, the doctors have classified this situation as desperate, and have told Laura that only time will tell.

As far as how Laura (personally) is doing, she got a fairly good night's rest. She is eating well, and she said that she truly appreciates everyone's love and concern.

Yesterday I suggested that we should all set aside a few moments at 12:00 noon Eastern Time to remember Larry, and I still think that is a good idea. But it later occurred to me that many of you (1) may not be on Eastern time, and (2) may not get that message until later in the day when you get home. It is obvious to me that God is the only power that can help Larry at this point, and I want to petition Him on Larry's behalf. I would like for as many of you as possible to join me in that effort. I would therefore suggest that we all remember Larry ****on the hour, every hour**** instead of waiting until noon. That way we can all join together spiritually, even though we cannot gather physically. As I said in my earlier message, wherever and whenever two or more believers are gathered together, the Spirit of the Lord is present. Let's make full use of this fact on Larry's behalf.

The doctors are doing all they can, but in the end they are only God's helper. God is the one true Healer and we MUST depend on Him and recognize Him as such. Please make every attempt to remember Larry as often as you can, especially at the top of every hour.

I think that those of you with local prayer chains and E-mail prayer groups should also make full use of those.

I will keep everyone updated as events unfold.


Thu 2/4/99 4:03 PM
Subject: Fwd: Larry

I got a message from Laura about 1:00 PM that Larry's blood pressure was improving, and the doctors have started him on dialysis, both of which she considered good news. Otherwise I haven't heard much else. I am forwarding the attached message from a friend of *mine* that I am sure none of you know. George knows how to cut to the quick of the problem right away, and this time is no exception.


Thursday February 04, 1999 3:00 PM
Subject: Larry

I just heard from my pastor, Father Theo. He promised to remember Larry in his prayers and services. Now, we all have to continue praying, for the Lord Himself said that we must pray, and continue praying for that which we desire earnestly, when he told the parable about the poor widow who importuned the judge for justice. In it, the judge finally tired of her pleas, and granted her what she asked for, and Jesus reminded us how much more will our Father in Heaven hear our cries if we do not give up.


Thu 2/4/99 10:23 PM
Subject: ********Larry update for 2/4/99 EVENING***********


I haven't gotten much information other than that relayed by Jackie Carrigan upon her return from the hospital moments ago (thanks for the information, Jackie). Larry isn't doing well at all. He still hasn't awakened, but is beginning to open his eyes a bit. One of his major problems at this point is that he has developed full-blown pancreatitis.

**Tonight** Holly, Larry's daughter, is coming up to Indianapolis to be with Larry and Laura. Hopefully her presence will summon Larry to consciousness.

Folks, it is apparent to me that this whole matter is in God's hands. I want to thank all of you on Larry and Laura's behalf for remembering them in prayer, and to urge you to continue to do so. As my friend George said earlier, if the judge in the Bible granted the request of the persistent widow, how much more will God do for his children who show the same persistence?

Please continue to remember Larry and Laura to our Heavenly Father.


Fri 2/5/99 1:23 PM
Subject: ********Larry update for 2/5/99 - NOON report**********

Hello all. At Laura's request, I have added a few to this distribution. In addition, I *think* I have finally located "boogr", whose mail was being returned to me as undeliverable.

The news is mixed, but with a decidedly POSITIVE note to my way of thinking. Larry's pancreatitis is responding to antibiotics - a good sign. Another good sign is that his potassium is now out of the danger zone. This is a sign that the dialysis is having a positive effect, and progress is being made. His blood pressure is on the low side but is tolerable. The doctors wish it were higher, and they are continuing to administer medication to keep it where it is. Larry's kidney isn't doing much, but it may recover once his body chemistry is straightened out. There is still concern on this point, however, as there are no guarantees that it will continue to function correctly.

One of the biggest concerns is that he has not awakened as yet. The doctors are not sedating him any longer and would like to see him come out of it. They believe that given enough time, the dialysis will help remove the drugs from Larry's system and this will occur.

(At this point, I can add a little to the story from my limited personal knowledge. I have a friend who received an abdominal gunshot wound in Vietnam, but fortunately survived the incident. However, treatment of his wound required considerable surgery at the time. Approximately 25 years later he began experiencing problems from internal adhesions, and underwent another surgery to clean those up. The second surgery was a success and he was discharged from the hospital after two additional days. But the ride home caused him some discomfort, so he took a single prescription pain pill given him by his doctor prior to the surgery. As soon as the pill digested, he stopped breathing. His family saw him collapse and called 911, and the EMTs fortunately arrived in less than 2 minutes. They performed CPR and took him to the hospital. Once the facts surrounding the episode were explained to the doctors, a simple blood test revealed the problem. The man still had high levels of the anesthesia in his bloodstream, and the painkiller had reacted with that. The doctor discharged him with instructions to avoid use of certain painkillers for several days, until the drugs from the operation worked their way out of his system. That is what I believe is happening to Larry. The surgery turned out to be so much more involved and much longer than they thought, and coupled with his pre-existing condition(s) it is just taking *forever* for the drugs to wear off. But the dialysis is helping, and although it is going slowly it is being eliminated from his system.)

Larry is currently in the Cardio Vascular Critical Care Unit (CVCCU) at Methodist, but Laura indicated that they may move him this afternoon to another unit so that the dialysis can be performed more efficiently. She said that the doctors consider this to be a very "touch and go" situation (her words, not mine).

Laura also emphasized to me that they are VERY aware of our prayers and that they are making a HUGE difference in this situation. They have been simply overcome with everyone's concern and kindness. She asked that all continue to remember Larry in prayer.

I would ask that all continue to remember Larry in prayer at the top of each hour. (To those new to the list, this is the method we have adopted to be able to claim the promise in the Bible that states "where two or more believers are gathered together, there the Spirit of the Lord is also". Since it is impossible for us to all be together physically, we have agreed to pray for Larry at the top of each hour. This unites us spiritually, and we are sure that God will honor this unity with his blessings.) This is a battle that is being fought, and won, on an hourly basis. Larry and the doctors, of course, are in the front lines but I consider each and every one of us to be part of the vital and all-important supply organization that provides sustenance and support for those warriors in the front lines. If we all pull together we can do our part to help Larry win this battle.

I know that God is honoring our requests. Let us continue to do our part by petitioning the Lord on Larry and Laura's behalf.

On the domestic front, "gray cat" got his pill today. I am becoming Angus' and Harley's favorite person (after Cat Daddy, of course) because *I* am the man who comes with cat treats in hand. Sybil is still in hiding, somewhere, as I haven't seen her on my visits to check on food, water, and litter condition. They all miss the two-footed inhabitants, and want them to come back and resume their normal daily schedule soon. As the primary keeper of five cats, I can tell you that felines in particular are creatures of habit, and they don't care for these disruptions one little bit. Come to think of it, neither do I.

I will provide updates as events warrant.


Fri 2/5/99 6:34 PM
Subject: ********Larry Pitt update - 2/5/99 EVENING**********


This evening Laura stopped by for a minute on her way home to clean up and change clothes, and she gave me an update of how Larry is doing.

First, and best of all, the doctors ran an EKG this afternoon. It reveals that Larry's heart is working well. This is great news, as it means that their efforts on Tuesday were successful!

Otherwise, not much else has changed from the noon update, and Larry still has not regained consciousness. His pancreatitis continues to respond favorably to the antibiotics, his potassium level remains within limits, and his blood pressure although low is also in acceptable limits. The dialysis continues. However, the doctors have warned her that his recovery will be excruciatingly slow. She said that they told her Larry will be in the hospital for weeks and perhaps months. Laura was glad that they were honest with her, so she will know what to expect. I think you would have to agree - it would be easy to become discouraged if you thought he was going to be out in a day or two, and then it took much, much longer than that.

The doctors are consistent in their assertions that this will be an hour by hour process for now.

I think we should keep this in mind as we continue to pray for Larry. Laura let me know in the plainest words possible that they remain so very thankful for everyone's love, concern, and prayers.

Holly (Larry's daughter) is now here, and has been here since about 11:00 PM EST last night. She stayed with Larry while Laura ran home to shower and change.

I have added some names to this distribution at Laura's request to include some people that weren't getting these updates. If any of you know of someone who *isn't* on this list, please have them E-mail me (RFB01@aol.com) and ask me to put them on (please note, that is a ZERO and *NOT* an "O" - computers get darn picky about that!). Likewise, if some of you need to cut down on your E-mail traffic at work please either give me somewhere else to send it or ask me to remove you (I don't want to burden those who can't afford to be getting these at work because of workplace rules). Once you are "on the list" the computer does the rest of the work - it is no more effort to send a message to 200 of you than it is to send it to only one.

TO THE NEWCOMERS ON THE LIST: The Bible tells us that wherever two or more believers gather together, the Spirit of the Lord is there also. Since it is impossible for us to be physically in the same place, we have agreed to remember Larry and Laura in prayer at the top of every hour. This will mean that we are "gathering together" in a spiritual sense, and I am sure God will honor that gathering as much as He would a physical one. Larry's recovery is in God's hands, and we must depend on Him for His wisdom and timing in this matter. We invite you to join with us on Larry and Laura's behalf in this, their hour of need.

Thanks again for your concern for Larry and Laura. Laura assures me that she can really tell the difference as we lift them up in prayer.


Sat 2/6/99 9:44 AM
Subject: *******Larry update for 2/6/99 - MORNING*******

*****Stwstch321 mailbox temporarily unavailable(?), so she isn't getting this message*****

Hello all!

I just spoke with Laura a few minutes ago, and have the "latest" on Larry's condition.

Larry had an uneventful night, which is a good thing. His heart function continues to improve, and his blood pressure is improving as well (this is very good news indeed). There is good news/bad news on the kidney issue, but even the bad news is not all bad. The kidney is *not* showing any signs of rejection at this point (very, very good sign) but is now failing to function (not so good). However, it is very possible that this could be due to all the other hoopty-doo Larry has been through this week, and it *may* pick up and begin functioning again as Larry's system gets back to normal. This is an area for prayer concern.

The biggest concern of all right now, however, is that Larry still has not regained consciousness. This morning Laura and Holly are working to try to rouse Larry. He IS demonstrating responses to unfavorable stimuli - which is a GOOD sign. This morning the nurse pinched Larry's toe, and he moved his foot to get away from her. Laura reported that in the previous twenty minutes he had begun moving his mouth and jaw somewhat, which may indicate that he is aware of the tubes in his throat. His eyes are moving under his eyelids, similar to what you see when someone is dreaming before they awake, and once he had opened one eye partially.

As you know, Larry is a country music fan, so they have country playing in his room.

Laura *specifically* requested that we all pray for Larry to awake. Once he awakes, his recovery will be aided by his strong will, and it will be possible for us to encourage him personally. And I know that Laura and Holly will feel much better being able to communicate directly with him.

Our prayers are being heard and being answered. Each of you should know that it isn't just YOU that is praying - it is literally dozens if not hundreds of people, agreeing in prayer at the top of each hour for Larry ALL OVER THE WORLD! I have taken the liberty of forwarding these requests to some of *my* friends (who have subsequently passed them on to their own prayer chains) via the Internet E-mail service, so there are people praying for Larry that you have never heard of and whom we will never meet. In times of need God's people come together in support of one another, and this is certainly an hour of need.

Still, this remains very much an urgent battle that is being decided on an hour-by-hour basis. I appeal to you all to keep up your prayer support of Larry and Laura.

I will provide more information as it is available.


Sat 2/6/99 8:20 PM
Subject: *************Larry update 2/6/99 GREAT NEWS!************


I just got off the telephone with Laura, and I have great news!


He recognizes those in the room, and he can respond!

Now, don't think that he is sitting up yakking with them, because he isn't nearly to THAT point yet. He is still intubated (tubes down his throat), and he can't set up. Today he began biting on the tubes, so they had to put in a bite block to keep him from cutting off the air flow and chewing through the tubes. (Knowing Larry, the hardest part of this must be NOT being able to talk!) Laura said that he was "up" for quite a while. I would imagine that he is probably very groggy, and will be that way for a while. He had quite a bit of anesthesia in his system, and it is working its way out very slowly, so it may be a few days before his head starts to clear.

Laura tells me that his vital signs are good, and improving. His blood chemistry is also good, indicating that the dialysis is working. The condition of his kidney and other medical signs are presumably the same as they were this morning, but Laura hasn't seen the doctors since then.

His improvement is slow, and we need to keep up the campaign of prayer that we have begun on his behalf. God is answering our requests, and this demonstrates to me that gathering in the spirit (when you cannot gather physically) is definitely recognized by God.

Laura sounded as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and indeed this IS great news. Let us rejoice as we continue to remember them in prayer.

As usual, I will provide additional updates as information becomes available.


Sun 2/7/99 10:29 AM


First, let me say that we had some really good news last night, but I got a weirdo message back from the E-mail system leading me to think that maybe *some* of you didn't get it. If that was the case, I apologize but have no idea of what happened. Some of you who DID get last night's message might want to follow up with others you know to be sure they find out the great things God is doing for Larry!

I got a call from Holly, Larry's daughter, a bit ago with even better news than last night!

Larry is now fully awake, and can respond non-verbally to questions. He has indicated that he wants the music they were playing up or down, depending on what is playing at the time. He indicated that he wanted to watch some TV also, so Laura found a fishing show for him to watch. He is moving his feet, toes, fingers, and hands, but he is still intubated. He has, however, stopped chewing on the tubes and indicated that he wanted some ChapStik on his lips - which I would imagine are pretty dry having had his mouth open since Tuesday.

More good news is that his vital signs are stronger, and at times he is overriding the ventilator - another VERY good sign. His kidney has even started producing urine, and its output is up significantly over where it started.

Holly said the doctors were amazed at his progress, but that shouldn't be news to anyone on this list. God is the Great Physician, and I think it is fitting that we should give thanks to Him on this, the day set aside to honor Him.

Larry is still facing a very long road to recovery, and I would expect that he cannot wait to have the tubes removed so he can once again do his own talking. I would ask that we all continue to remember Larry in our prayers and thoughts, as the Lord is honoring them in such a spectacular way.

On the domestic front, even the cats seem to realize the good news. Consumption of their food (which was going down ever so slowly) has picked up, which also has resulted in an increased load in the litter pan. (Well, I guess in life we have to take the not-so-good along with the good!) Gray cat will get his pill today, along with a dollop of the fur ball medication. All of them want you to know that they miss "Cat Daddy", but I had to explain to them that hospital policy wouldn't allow them to visit him unless they were 16 years old or older. Upon reflection on this point, they decided to wait at home since they didn't think they would care for the car ride down there anyway.

Laura and Holly wanted me to pass along their thanks to each and every one of you on this list, and to the innumerable friends and prayer chain partners you have enlisted in this effort. Their appreciation exceeds the limits of mere words. Let us tell them they are welcome by continuing to hold Larry up to our Father in prayer.

I will provide additional updates as information becomes available.


Mon 2/8/99 8:10 AM
Subject: ****Larry update 2/8/99 - MORNING****


Larry had a rough time last night. Holly left me a message very early this morning, and informed me that during the night Larry had a ventricular arrhythmia, his blood pressure dropped, and his heart stopped briefly. Fortunately he was in the right place and there were people on hand immediately to resuscitate him.

This concerns the doctors tremendously, and they advise that Larry shouldn't have any visitors except Laura and Holly for the time being. They feel he doesn't need any more excitement, and should have lots of peace and quiet. So for now - NO VISITORS PLEASE!

Upon reflection, this makes a lot of sense to me. Larry is quite a fighter and no doubt is eager to be up and around, but he has been through some rather traumatic times in the past week. Also, he is still carrying quite a load of drugs in his system that were administered while he was unconscious from the operation. These are quite slow to work out of the system even when your kidneys are working at top efficiency. Larry only has one, and it is somewhat impaired just now. The dialysis is working, but it is slow and so the "purge" time to eliminate these drugs and their effects is excruciatingly slow.

So for the time being for Larry, watching the ice melt in his glass is all the excitement he needs.

As I said last week, this will be a slow recovery for Larry. This remains a battle that is being fought and won on an hour-by-hour basis, and it remains for us to support him in this fight. The best way for us to do this is to keep remembering Larry at the top of each hour in prayer. God hears our requests, and has obviously honored them by bringing Larry this far. Let's keep up our support of Larry by continuing to hold him up to our Father.

Let us not forget Laura and Holly either. This is a big strain on both of them, as those of you who have kept watch in a hospital know. They both know we are supporting them also, and it has given them the strength they need to continue.

I will provide additional updates as information is available.


Tue 2/9/99 9:09 AM
Subject: ****Larry Pitt Update - 2/9/99 MORNING****

*****NOTICE: If anyone has been added to this list by error, or you would rather not receive this continuing series of updates because of workplace or time restrictions, please notify me via return E-mail. I can remove you or change your address at your request.*****


I just got off the telephone with Laura and Holly. The last 24 hours have seen great progress by Larry! His heart rhythm has stabilized, and yesterday the doctors removed his the tubes from his throat. He has been breathing on his own for since them without incident, but his breathing has been rather labored and he was unable to rest properly. The doctors have decided to put him back on the respirator temporarily while they check things out, and have given him a mild sedative to allow him to sleep well. At this point they are not sure why he is having problems breathing easily, but they do know that his lungs are clear.

Laura said that they have known that Larry was subject to an irregular heartbeat from time to time, so the doctors are considering giving him a backup pacemaker. For now, they are watching the situation and will make that decision in a few days. But if this is done it can be installed in a minimally-invasive manner so major surgery should not be required.

Other vital signs are strong, and his doctors describe themselves as "amazed" at his progress. His kidney specialist said that he would never have dared guess that Larry would be this far in his recovery in so few days after the surgery.

This, of course, is *no surprise* to those on this list because we KNOW who is watching over Larry. We have been in constant communication with God interceding on Larry's behalf, and God has answered and continues to answer those prayers. Let us not forget to give praise to Him for His answers!

Larry is determined to get better as soon as possible. This morning he insisted that Laura and Holly help him to set up in bed, and would not consent to resting until they helped him do so. The doctors have seen this spirit of determination also, and that is why they are concerned that Larry not overdo it, and why they have requested that we refrain from visiting at this time. I'm sure Larry will be busting to talk to us all when he gets better!

I would ask that all of you continue to remember Larry in prayer, and also to hold up Laura and Holly. They are keeping constant watch over Larry, and this has been an incredible ordeal for them as well. This is going to be a protracted recovery, and each day represents a new battle for them. Our continuing support of them is vitally important to them all.

I will provide additional updates as information becomes available.


Wed 2/10/99 1:54 PM
Subject: ****Larry Pitt Update - 2/10/99****

*****NOTICE: If anyone has been added to this list by error, or you would rather not receive this continuing series of updates because of workplace or time restrictions, please notify me via return E-mail. I can remove you or change your address at your request.*****


I got a telephone message from Laura about 12:30 PM today, with the information for today.

Larry is still on the respirator to help him with his breathing, and has been sedated by the doctors to help him rest. His vital signs are doing well for the most part, but he has had two additional incidents of irregular heartbeat. One incident was resolved via medication, while the second incident was resolved without intervention.

The doctors have been able to determine the cause of his labored breathing. Apparently the CPR performed during the incident early on Monday morning caused some minor bleeding to the tissues around his heart, and this resulted in a fluid buildup that hampered his berating. The doctors have inserted a chest tube to help drain this, and removed 2 liters of fluid from his chest cavity. This fluid was keeping the heart from fully functioning, and this is what was causing Larry to have a hard time breathing. Since the initial drainage, the fluid flow has slowed considerably (a good sign indicating healing).

Larry's kidney is not doing so well just now, and the doctors are continuing with the dialysis. Thus far this has been done with a temporary setup, but tomorrow the doctors are planning a minor surgery to insert what is known as a "perma-cath", which is a more stable connection point for the dialysis equipment. It will be located on his upper chest near his collar bone. Any kind of surgery has risk, so at this point I believe it is doubly important that we all remember Larry even through this minor procedure. Despite the low urine output, (only 50 cc's in a 24 hour period) the doctors are continuing the anti-rejection drugs and are hopeful that it will recover.

Laura and Larry are very comfortable working with the doctors and staff at the hospital, and they believe good progress is being made in sorting out Larry's problems. But they again wanted me to thank all of you, their partners in prayer, for your support and love in this time of need for them.

As I have said previously, this is a continuing battle in which we must support Larry in every step of the way. It is a now a day by day struggle, with the Lord providing the strength necessary for both of them. God is in control of this situation, and along with our continued prayers let us not forget to thank Him and praise Him for His kindness and grace in providing answers. Larry, Laura, and the doctors remain the troops on the front line of this struggle. We are the rear echelon groups providing them with support they need to continue to fight the good fight. Our Heavenly Father remains the General in charge of the battle.

On a personal note, I would like to ask that you remember a "net" friend of mine tomorrow, as he is going in for a total joint replacement of his knee. He is a relatively young man, with four young daughters, and although he is looking forward to being able to walk normally without pain he is extremely anxious about the surgery. He has had trouble with his knee for years, and after 8 previous surgeries the doctors finally came to the conclusion that there was nothing left short of a complete replacement that could be done. I know that he would greatly appreciate our support for him and his family at this time.

On the domestic front at the Pitt house, I am afraid that Harley and Angus (the two kittens Larry raised from birth) are slowly reducing the place to its lowest common denominator - the floor. When I first began checking on them, I noticed that they had knocked a couple of pictures off the end tables, so I put them back up. When I again checked on them, the same pictures were back on the floor, so I just put them back on the end table but didn't set them up. Yesterday the same pictures were back on the floor, so I gave up and put them on the couch. I'm afraid a couple of house plants have wound up likewise. By virtue of the fact that I come with cat treats in hand, I am now a favorite visitor to all except Sybil - who I'm *guessing* is still there but *I* haven't seen her. Laura did tell me not to worry about this as she is traditionally very shy. Gray Cat got his pill, and now wants me to play with him when I come over. Playing with *only* Gray Cat has been difficult, however, when Harley is wrapped around one foot playing with my bootlaces and Angus is trying to stay between Gray Cat and I at all times.

I will provide additional updates as information becomes available. Several of you have asked if I know Larry's snail mail address at the hospital, and as of yet I haven't been able to get that - but I will put it out when I do.



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